I love Ashley of Nola Flora. She’s one of my very best friends and the Nola Flora flower ninjas are beyond amazing! Ashley had some extra flowers from a photo shoot and I asked if she wanted to make something cool for me to photograph. She designed this wildflower bouquet in like two seconds. She’s amazing!

Anyway, I posted on my Facebook Thursday afternoon to see if anyone was down for a session and this sweet girl named Gabby (who is a fellow film photographer and my new bff!!) responded. We trekked out to Fontainebleau State Park on the North Shore early Saturday morning and the light was glowy to the max! I’m only going to post a few, the rest will have to wait until I get the film photographs back <3

Wildflower Wedding Bouquet Nola Flora
Wildflower Bouquet Nola FloraSpanish Moss Wedding Pictures