I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to visit the Very Large Array in New Mexico. To this day I still go back and forth on going back to school to study astronomy and astrophysics… no lie! Space is kinda my favourite thing ever… I grew up watching Star Trek and the Sci Fi channel with my dad… worm holes and the X-Files were just a part of life :) Anyway, here are some photos from VLA as well as some pictures from White Sands, a couple of petroglyph sites and a few in Santa Fe. We went to both the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site and the Petroglyph National Monument.

001_white_sands 002_white_sands 003_white_sands 004_white_sands 005_white_sands 006_white_sands 007_white_sands 008_white_sands 009_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 010_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 011_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 012_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 013_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 014_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 015_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 016_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 017_three_rivers_petroglyph_site 018_very_large_array_new_mexico 019_very_large_array_new_mexico 020_very_large_array_new_mexico 021_very_large_array_new_mexico 022_petroglyph_national_monument 023_petroglyph_national_monument 024_petroglyph_national_monument 025_santa_fe_new_mexico 026_santa_fe_new_mexico