I came across some super expired (as in 1999 expired!) Time Zero film online and I couldn’t resist buying it. I have a little Polaroid SX-70 camera, and I wasn’t even sure if it worked or not until today. Out of the 10 exposures only three had some sort of image, and only two were worth scanning. I was actually shocked that I got anything at all. I love how the one of the lamp post looks like a painting! After today I’ve decided to try out the new Impossible Project SX-70 black and white film and see if I like the way it looks in real life. If it’s as surreal looking as I hope it will be I’m going to start adding Polaroid film to my wedding packages… I think doing some portraits with it would look ever so beautiful. I mean come on, just look at the sample gallery. Totally swoon worthy… this one made me melt it’s so beautiful. Oh analog photography, how much I adore thee!

Polaroid SX-70 Time Zero Film