I am one of the few remaining wedding photographers left that still shoots with film. I know it sounds silly saying that considering the fact that I am only 26 (almost 27!), but film is what I learned to take pictures with. I always have such a hard time describing to my clients why film is so special but lucky for me film gives me photographs like this and I can use pictures to say what words can not :) These photographs are from Julia and James’s wedding at Houmas House Plantation back in May and were taken on my little Leica RE 35MM SLR using a 50/2.0 Leica lens with the new Kodak Portra 800 film. I am in so utterly in love with the warmth that Kodak film has… and my Leica loves it dearly too :)

Houmas House Wedding Photography on Film

Houmas House Wedding Photographs on Film