This photo is not only the reason that I shoot film, it’s the reason that I am such a huge supporter of the Impossible Project :) This was taken using their newest color film (PX680 Color Shade First Flush) using my SX-70 Alpha One! This photograph reminds me so much of a classic painting, and that is what these little images sort of are. When you shoot a digital RAW file, that image can be copied and shared a million and a half times. With a Polaroid, even though you can create scans of it, there will always only be one original. A unique and beautiful image. It’s why they’re so special. Anyway, this is the sneak peek from Elizabeth and Jared’s wedding today at the Degas House! I shot so much film I can’t wait to show you guys all of them!

PX 680 Color Shade First Flush Polaroid Wedding Photography