We finally made it back home to Nashville a few days ago, but I still have more photographs to blog! After we finished with the Grand Canyon, we headed down to Arizona so Skylar could see the Giant Saguaro Cacti that are literally everywhere down there. I used to live in Scottsdale, so I knew just how epic they were. The next day we headed across to California to go to Joshua Tree!!! I was so excited to go, and little did I know I was about to see the cutest Cacti ever… Cholla Cacti, nicknamed Teddy Bear Cacti, are literally the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. They’re pretty vicious though, so I had to settle for taking photographs of them :)

001_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 002_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 003_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 004_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 005_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 006_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 007_saguaro_cactus_phoenix_arizona 008_joshua_tree_national_park 009_joshua_tree_national_park 010_joshua_tree_national_park 011_joshua_tree_national_park 012_joshua_tree_national_park 013_joshua_tree_national_park 014_joshua_tree_national_park 015_joshua_tree_national_park 016_joshua_tree_national_park 017_joshua_tree_national_park 018_joshua_tree_national_park 019_joshua_tree_national_park 020_joshua_tree_national_park 021_joshua_tree_national_park 022_joshua_tree_national_park