I’ve been in a really good mood recently! The weather has been lovely and I’ve just been bouncing off walls thinking about all of the weddings that I get to photograph this year! My next wedding couple is Elizabeth and Oz on April 3rd. Do you guys remember their engagement session? They are so cute! Anyways, I’ve decided it would be fun to take some pictures and let you guys know a little more about me. So here I am in 6 photographs, complete with explanations:

Maile in Pictures

1. Me! My full first name is Kamailehihiokalani and I was born in Hawaii. Maile and Lani are the two nouns in my name. Maile is a vine they make leis out of to wear at weddings (how convenient!) and Lani means heaven. I love my name, but it’s not fun filling out forms that don’t have enough spaces for all the letters!

2. I’ve been playing piano for 11 years. This is a photo of my original Fender Rhodes and I am so proud of it! I bought over on the north shore and it’s in such wonderful condition. I like to play it loudly… very, very loudly.

3. I love flowers in vases. They just completely brighten up a room and make me utterly happy. They’re fun to arrange too!

4. Toy cameras make me melt inside. The large negatives, the dreamy blurred out edges, who could ask for more? I mainly use my Holga, but my Diana works really well with black and white film and it’s so cute that I couldn’t resist including it.

5. Keds are the best shoes ever and the cherry ones that came out in 2006 are even more awesome. These are my favourite shoes and oh so comfortable!

6. It’s me again, but I’m 7 this time :) I talked to everyone and was really bad about talking to strangers. It’s funny because I’m still the girl that talks to random people it and it’s actually how I met my boyfriend almost 5 years ago! We were both staying at the same hotel in Montreal and I just started talking to him… and didn’t stop talking.