There are a few things in this world that never fail to completely brighten my day. Puppies are pretty high on the list, along with holiday decorating/baking, sales at Anthropologie, flowers, and Balloons. Now I’m not just talking about birthday balloons (although those are pretty epic), I’m talking about hot air balloons. In all honesty, I would be too terrified to actually get *in* one of them, but watching them light up from my safe spot on the ground is just about one of the best things ever.

Anyway, I had been obsessively watching the Ascension Parish Hot Air Balloon Festival’s Facebook page for a while. No matter what, I was going. Then, I got this random (and somewhat crazy) idea to shoot an engagement session there (because no matter what, I somehow manage to turn everything into an engagement or wedding shoot :). Luckily for me when I asked Brittany about it she was completely psyched!! I think we were the only people there without children, but some of these images are just magical :) I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! Most were shot with Digital, but there are a few in here that were taken on my medium format Hasselblad :)