I am so very lucky that I get to travel for weddings and engagement sessions! I love photographing new places, and getting to explore new cities! This past weekend I flew out to Boston to photograph one of my sweet brides and her adorable husband to be.

We were originally supposed to photograph their session on Friday, but it poured! We moved the session to Saturday, but when I saw that it was going to be clear and beautiful on Sunday I asked if we could shoot Sunday morning…. I’m a little in love with morning sessions at the moment. Parks are empty and the light is so fresh and clean! Kate agreed and I’m so happy she did!

I shot a ton of film, which I won’t have back for a couple of weeks, however I have the Polaroids we shot!! We started out at Larz Anderson Park and then took a few more photographs at the Arnold Arboretum. All these were shot using Fuji fp-100C film on my Polaroid 195 camera.