I really do love analog photography… especially unpredictable analog photography. I just got my first package of the new Impossible Project PX 100 Polaroid film and I’m smitten. I admit to reading way too many FAQs on the film in the days prior to taking my first shot, and I’m so glad I did! It’s such a finicky little monster that you have to immediately cover the image after it leaves the camera to prevent over exposure. I took these first two shots into three layers of black grocery bags! I was so nervous to turn over my first shot (the pumpkin!) out of the bag my heart was fluttering :) I’m SO in love with the results of it and I can’t wait to start taking portraits when I get my new SX-70! Photos below…

Impossible Project PX 100 First Flush Polaroids :)

PX 100 Silver Shade Packaging

Polaroid Time Zero One Step Black Camera & Impossible Project Film