I always love getting my film back from the lab. Mostly because by the time I actually get my photos to the lab I’ve forgotten half of the pictures I’ve taken. I especially love getting my Holga photos back and am always pleasantly surprised! This time I not only shot with my Fuji Velvia 50 slide film, I ventured into Kodak color negative film :) I love seeing the way different films look side by side. The Velvia is so bold and vibrant, but I’m crazy in love with the subtlety and almost muted colors of the Kodak. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures! Pictures from my session with Sarah and Jeff are coming tomorrow :)

The Little Orange Chair

A Mardi Gras Christmas

The Lady in Pink!

The Umbrella is the Sun

Who Dat Stormtrooper!

Mardi Gras Float: Krewe of Tucks

Mardi Gras Float: Krewe of Tucks