I finally got the Holga photographs from my Italy trip back from the lab! I was very excited about these as my Holga was the only film camera I brought with me. I’m always worried about sending my beloved film through the XRay scanners at the airport, but I’m never that worried about my Holga film :) There are a ton more, but these are some of my favourite ones.

I also just got back from a trip to Chicago with my boyfriend. I met with a lovely bride who’s wedding I’m going to photograph in October. I also had the CUTEST engagement session with a really fun couple and their awesome dog! I’ll be posting pictures from the session in the next day or so… with Mardi Gras and the Saints winning the Superbowl (Who Dat!!!) things have been really crazy (but in a good way!). Anyway, enjoy the wonders of the plastic lens!

Holga Photo Dreams in Airplanes

He Is Not Alone

I can't begin to know what happened


Attack of the Angry Pigeons

I have a very cute boyfriend :)

Buildings in Rome

The Coliseum! (Yes, I am a tourist)

I can fake the stars

I love my plastic lens

Souvenirs in Rome

I <3 Italian Buildings

And then the blue came out