Every baby is different. And they change. They change so many times in so many different ways in the first year. And it happens so fast! Your baby is special.  I understand you’ll want to remember all those special milestones, and I’m excited to offer this unique opportunity to help you do just that.

Typical photography packages lock you into dates, that’s silly. You can’t know when your baby is going to start smiling or master the art of sitting up before your baby even comes. Your world revolves around your baby, not a calendar and a schedule. Growing up is amazing, hard work, and unpredictable.

Your baby is special, and I want to celebrate that, and capture those special milestones forever. This unique flexible package allows you to pick your favorite milestones to remember.  Here is a general guideline for when you should have your photo sessions:


The cuteness exists! This session is done at about 1-2 weeks old… when the babies are sleepy and adorable <3

3 MONTHS(ish)

At about three months your baby has grown so much, and super fun to photograph.

6 MONTHS(ish)

When babies are about 6 months old they can usually sit up! That’s fun to take pictures of <3

1 YEAR(ish)

Walking, crawling super fun baby!


Until the end of 2014 I’m offering my Milestones packages at $795 for four photo sessions. I will allow parents to add a maternity session for an additional $195. These sessions can take place anywhere… Your home, a cool park, grandmas house, wherever. My style is natural, sweet, and fun. I’m all about having your babies personalty come through in photographs :) This package is only available to parents in the general Nashville area (including Franklin!).

Sessions are usually done Monday-Thursday, but we can work all that out later. I include the high resolution files from the session with a personal print release so you guys can make your own prints, books, photo mugs to send to grandma in Texas, etc. After the last session I deliver all of the high res files on a USB drive in a sweet heirloom box <3 Prior to that, high res files can be downloaded from my proofing site.

This package is done with digital photography only. Film is not available at this rate. If you are interested in having your first year sessions on film, then let me know and we can discuss :)

Payment must be made in full (I take credit cards and checks) in order to receive this rate. The promotion expires at the end of the year. This can be made as a gift purchase, just let me know and I’ll send you a cute gift card <3

If you would like to book then please send me a message and we’ll get you started!


If you are a parent and interested in getting free prints, canvases albums, etc, let me know and I will send you details about my referral program :)