A secret song… Lyrics below:

[audio:https://www.mailelaniphotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/applesandwine.mp3|titles=Apples and Wine]

he came home with apples and wine
but they had lost both their lives
and when they saw that
the earth would start to spin
they would fall back
and let the sun soak in

paper bags littered the floor
and box car trains drove past the doors
and when the left you
home that time alone
words could then form
that simple sound of home

and then the lights came on
and pulled you up to god and all his men
god and all his men

time has strings that answer in gold
but once they’re cut the love lies in cold
and i can see how
the stories often go
oh how they sang that
a love song for the bold
a love song for the bold