HI THERE! My name is Maile and I’m a travel-obsessed, Polaroid loving, fine art wedding photographer with nearly 10 years of experience based between New Orleans, Louisiana and Nashville, Tennessee – though my work has taken me all across the globe!

      I’ve been into photography since I was a little girl, but I started photographing weddings by accident back in 2009. I happened across a Craigslist post written by a couple that was looking for a photographer for their Renaissance wedding. The couple ended up hiring me and by the end of their wedding, I knew I had found my calling documenting the happiest moments of these couples lives! So, after months of obsessing, free engagement shoots, and tons of digital elbow grease, I officially launched my company in January of 2010. Since then, I’ve photographed well over 300 weddings, not only in New Orleans but all over the United States and in four countries! I shoot with a mix of medium format film, Polaroid, and digital cameras.

      When I’m not photographing weddings you’ll find me digging through bins of antique cameras at flea markets (my SX-70 collection is getting out of hand), eating all of the crawfish, and covering myself in every shade of purple, green and gold glitter before dancing in the streets in front of my second home with my second family, Nola Flora, during Mardi Gras. I live with my sweet fiancé Skylar, fixer of broken cameras/pinball/arcades, and my lazy, guest-bedroom stealing, overly fluffy Corgi, Waffles. I play Magic The Gathering (poorly) and am secretly collecting all of the tiny Neko Atsume vinyl gachapon figures because I’ve decided that it’s not enough for me to own virtual photographs of virtual cats…

      On a side note, I spent three days trying to write a professional bio, but I just kept rolling my eyes at myself and eventually decided that the authentic version of me is far better than a perfectly curated one.

      Anyway, I’m super glad we’ve found each other and I really hope we can be friends! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to check my availability for you wedding/elopement, talk about Corgis, or just wanted someone to play Magic with!