I’ve been doing some very strange stuff with my lens recently and I’m falling in love with the effects I’ve been coming up with. I’m also getting a little more experimental with how I edit when it comes to my digital photography. It’s always been hard for me to edit photographs because I’m so used to shooting on film… When I want a certain tone or a specific amount of grain I can go to the cheese drawer in my fridge and pick an appropriate canister. Purple tones? Agfa 100. Blue that is almost too blue? Fuji Velvia 50. High contrast and heavy grain? Where is my Ilford! With digital it’s a lot different, you get a very flat, raw image that needs to be adjusted just to make it look natural. Making beautiful black and white images from a digital photograph was an even bigger challenge, especially considering how used to black and white film I am! I never need to adjust anything when I shoot film so when I first started working with digital I tried so hard to make my images look like beloved film photos. I used to wish I was a photographer in the 70s, complete with the in-house darkroom and the boxes and boxes of slides, negatives, and Polaroids. But then I realized that not only do I have the film and darkrooms and Polaroids, I can experiment with lens effects and random photography projects and not worry about how I’m going to afford my very expensive profession. I mean I can shoot on my Leica then pick up my Canon 5dM2 and get something completely different. If I’m feeling really crazy I can bring out my Holga or my Polaroid. I can shoot the same scene on 10 different cameras and get 10 completely different images. Then, when I’m finished, I can upload them all for you guys to see… enjoy the photos :)

And The Light Leaked a Rainbow

The Air Made My Hair Curl

It's Springtime In The South