About Me

I'm a 27 year old girl that is obsessed with post-it notes and font webstes. My favorite places on earth are the Recoletta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Coney Island in New York, and night time Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. I use way too many smiley faces in my professional emails, am super grumpy before my first cup of coffee, and am overly proud of my special edition Zelda Nintento DS. I love film photography, Polaroids, and get way too excited when my film comes back from the lab. The beach and the sounds of the ocean make me blissfully happy and sunflowers always make me smile. When I'm not photographing happy people I’m usually attached to my hot glue gun, covered in glitter, or playing my ukulele. I live in New Orleans with my sweet boyfriend and way too many vintage cameras.

Connect With Me


Phone • 504.383.5379
Email • info@mailelaniphotography.com