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Crescent Park Engagement Photos, New Orleans • Cherie & Sam

I’m so excited to share these photographs with you guys! Because of their love of the New Orleans Bywater, Cherie and Sam wanted to have their engagement session at the newly opened Crescent Park. Crescent Park is an amazing combination of epic open spaces mixed with an old world city vibe. If you haven’t been it’s totally worth the visit. Seriously though, how adorable does Cherie look in her bright red tea length skirt?! It’s like she came right out of a 1940s romance film! That combined with her red lipstick popped like crazy against such an industrial setting. We also got to venture a bit into the Bywater and use some of the colorful buildings for some awesome backdrops. Here are some of my favorites! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Rosy’s Jazz Hall in September!

Crescent Park New Orleans Crescent Park New Orleans Engagement Session New Orleans Crescent Park Photos Crescent Park New Orleans Photos Crescent Park Bridge Engagement New Orleans New Orleans Engagement Session Engagement Pictures Crescent Park Bywater Crescent Park Crescent Park Bywater New Orleans Bywater Bridge Bywater Engagement Photos Dr. Bob's Art Engagement Photos New Orleans

La Provence Restaurant Wedding • Gabby and Brock

I’ve been excited about sharing this wedding with you guys since literally before I photographed it. I met Gabby before she was even engaged! She’s a fellow photographer (check her work out here!) and lover of film photography, and we became fast friends. When she asked me to photograph her wedding I was beyond ecstatic because I knew how much film I’d be photographing her wedding with <3 Anyway, her and Brock got married this past October at La Provence, a restaurant in Lacombe Louisiana… the very same restaurant that Brock proposed at! All the photographs of her wedding below were shot on my medium format Hasselblad, with Kodak (color) and Ilford (black and white) film. Processed and scanned by Film Box in Nashville! The flowers were made by my sweet friends at Nola Flora <3

New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer

Out of the Office!

I will be out of the office (in Ireland!) from Thursday, November 26th through Saturday, December 5th. I’ll be doing my best to respond to emails while I’m away, but I apologize in advance if my response time is a bit delayed :) In the mean time, follow me on Instagram for pictures of Skylar’s and my Irish adventures! Promise there will be lots of shoe pictures because I’m just lame like that. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans • Erin and Patrick

I’ve been so excited to share some of the photographs from Erin and Patrick’s Pavilion of the Two Sisters wedding with you guys for ages! Fall wedding season is a crazy time for photographers so everything is a bit slower. Thing have finally slowed down shooting wise (I have one wedding left next week before I get a mini break for the holidays!), so I thought I’d catch up on a little bit of blogging :) Anyway, here are some of my favorites from their day! Those epic flowers you guys see, they were created by Poppy and Mint!! How beautiful are they? Destiny makes the prettiest bouquets and we all know I have a crazy obsession with flowers :) A bunch of these were photographed on my medium format Hasselblad film camera with scans by Film Box in Nashville. Happy Monday!

New Orleans Wedding Photographers
New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans Film Wedding Photographer New Orleans City Park Wedding Film New Orleans City Park Wedding Film Poppy and Mint New Orleans City Park Wedding Film Poppy and Mint Wedding Flowers Mater Dolorosa New Orleans Wedding Mater Dolorosa New Orleans Wedding Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans Pavilion of the Two Sisters Wedding New Orleans New Orleans Wedding Second Line New Orleans Wedding Second Line

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding | Atlanta, GA

I have a giant backlog of weddings to post for you guys! I’ve been traveling a ton for weddings and I have so many I can’t wait to share with you guys! For now, here is a wedding I photographed in Atlanta this summer at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. It’s kinda a photographers dream venue, and I was beyond excited when Gretchen and Chris asked me to be her wedding photographer! Beautiful gardens, amazing window light, you name it, this place has it. I also got to work with Creme de le Chic Events! They’re kinda amazing! Anyway, here are some favorites. Shot on both digital and film :)

callanwolde-wedding-photos_01 callanwolde-wedding-photos_02 callanwolde-wedding-photos_03 callanwolde-wedding-photos_04 callanwolde-wedding-photos_05 callanwolde-wedding-photos_06 callanwolde-wedding-photos_07 callanwolde-wedding-photos_08 callanwolde-wedding-photos_09 callanwolde-wedding-photos_10 callanwolde-wedding-photos_11 callanwolde-wedding-photos_12 callanwolde-wedding-photos_13 callanwolde-wedding-photos_14 callanwolde-wedding-photos_15 callanwolde-wedding-photos_16 callanwolde-wedding-photos_17 callanwolde-wedding-photos_18 callanwolde-wedding-photos_19 callanwolde-wedding-photos_20 callanwolde-wedding-photos_21 callanwolde-wedding-photos_22 callanwolde-wedding-photos_23 callanwolde-wedding-photos_24 callanwolde-wedding-photos_25 callanwolde-wedding-photos_26 callanwolde-wedding-photos_27 callanwolde-wedding-photos_28 callanwolde-wedding-photos_29 callanwolde-wedding-photos_30 callanwolde-wedding-photos_31 callanwolde-wedding-photos_32 callanwolde-wedding-photos_33 callanwolde-wedding-photos_34Callanwolde Wedding

Rainy New Orleans Engagement Session • Kelsi and Blake

Sometimes, it just rains in New Orleans. You never know with the weather down there. Kelsi and Blake totally embarrassed it so we were able to get some really pretty portraits!! I love New Orleans in the rain :) Here are some favorites from their engagement session in May! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!!

new-orleans-engagement-photos-01 new-orleans-engagement-photos-02 new-orleans-engagement-photos-03 new-orleans-engagement-photos-04 new-orleans-engagement-photos-05 new-orleans-engagement-photos-06 new-orleans-engagement-photos-07 new-orleans-engagement-photos-08 new-orleans-engagement-photos-09 new-orleans-engagement-photos-10 new-orleans-engagement-photos-11 new-orleans-engagement-photos-12 new-orleans-engagement-photos-13 new-orleans-engagement-photos-14 new-orleans-engagement-photos-15 new-orleans-engagement-photos-16 new-orleans-engagement-photos-17 new-orleans-engagement-photos-18 new-orleans-engagement-photos-19

Race and Religious Wedding New Orleans • Emily & Avery

I’m terrible about blogging, but gloomy weather made me stay inside today and go through a back log of wedding photographs. It was hard to decide which wedding to blog today, but this one makes me super happy. Race and Religious is literally one of the prettiest venues I’ve ever shot at. I’ve shot so many weddings there I’ve completely lost count. But, for some reason, I always find new things and places to photograph. It’s just so beautiful! Anyway, here are some of my favorites from Emily and Avery’s wedding last year. I am crazy obsessed with with Avery’s blue suit, and Emily’s wedding dress is by Jenny Packham! Jenny Packham is one of those designers where you instantly recognize one of her dresses… and then you swoon and wish you could just wear her dresses all day for no reason. Here are some favorites! Happy Wednesday!

race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-01 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-02 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-03 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-04 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-05 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-06 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-07 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-08 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-09 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-10 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-11 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-12 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-13 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-14 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-15 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-16 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-17 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-18 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-19 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-20 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-21 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-22 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-23 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-24 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-25 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-26 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-27 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-28 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-29 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-30 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-31 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-32 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-33 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-34 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-35 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-36 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-37 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-38 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-39 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-40 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-41 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-42 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-43 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-44 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-45 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-46 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-47 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-48 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-49 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-50 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-51 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-52 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-53 race-and-religious-wedding-new-orleans-54


Mammoth Cave National Park on an Fuji x100S

On Friday, Skylar and I decided to take a mini trip two hours north of Nashville and camp at Mammoth Cave National park. I’d never been, and the weather this weekend was perfect for camping! It was a much needed venture outside after all of the rain we’ve been getting. I also really wanted to try out the Fuji x100S that I rented. I’ve been trying to figure out the best camera to take with us on our trips to Norway, Italy and Ireland this year and a bunch of my photographer friends recommended trying out the Fuji. I really liked the idea of this tiny, retro looking camera… and how light it is! If anyone’s traveled on trains through Europe you know how important it is to pack light. Plus, the less my camera weighs the more stuff I can buy :) Anyway, these were all taken on the Fuji x100S with the fixed 23/2.0 lens (the equivalent of a 35mm lens). I’m not really used to shooting with a 35 (I only took my 50/1.2 with us out west last summer) so it was fun learning a new camera and trying to see things a little differently than I’m normally used to. Anyway, after this I decided to go for it and buy the newest version, the x100T! I also picked up the wide and tele converters, which converts the lens to a 28mm and a 50mm respectively. They come sometime next week so I’m sure you guys will see lots of fun stuff from it. I’m going to test it out on a couple shots at a wedding in July too! Whoooo toys!

01-mammoth-cave-national-park 02-mammoth-cave-national-park 03-mammoth-cave-national-park 04-mammoth-cave-national-park 05-mammoth-cave-national-park 06-mammoth-cave-national-park 07-mammoth-cave-national-park 08-mammoth-cave-national-park 09-mammoth-cave-national-park 10-mammoth-cave-national-park 11-mammoth-cave-national-park 12-mammoth-cave-national-parkesse

Franklin Tennessee Carnton Plantation Wedding • Megan & Todd

I’m getting through editing all of my spring weddings, and this one tugged at my heart strings and made me wish for sunny weather! It’s been raining, cloudy and icky for DAYS here so I figured I would blog Megan and Todd’s wedding to brighten up your computer screens! It was supposed to rain like crazy on their wedding day, but lucky for us it turned into one of the most beautiful days we’ve had since I’ve been in Tennessee! They got married at the the historic Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee. It was built in 1826! A girl after my own heart, Megan had a flower crown <3 Here are some favorites!

franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-01 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-02 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-03 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-04 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-05 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-06 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-07 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-08 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-09 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-10 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-11 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-12 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-13 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-14 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-15 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-16 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-17 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-18 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-19 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-20 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-21 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-22 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-23 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-24 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-25 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-26 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-27 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-28 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-29 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-30 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-31 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-32 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-33 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-34 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-35 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-36 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-37 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-38 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-39 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-40 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-41 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-42 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-43 franklin-carton-plantation-wedding-44